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Video Interview Tips That Will Help Lead You To Success!

Have you been asked by potential employers to complete a video interview instead of a face to face interview? Welcome to the 21st century, we now live in a world of everything DIGITAL and video interviews are becoming increasingly popular. Employers are utilizing streamlines such as Teams, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Google Duo, etc. to conduct interviews for the mere fact of convenience, geographic constraints, scheduling burdens and overall saving valuable time. Here are some helpful tips to utilize when being video interviewed.

No Distractions

Before the interview starts, allow yourself 10-15 minutes to get the environment set for the interview. Make sure there are no distractions that will pull your attention away. It is important to have a plain background such as a wall to keep the attention primarily on you and not what is in the background of the video. Furthermore, make sure all devices with a ringer are silenced and out of the view of the screen. Allowing for your cellphone to ring on loud during the interview could lead to a ‘turn away’ for the employer.

Dress for The Job You Want

It is crucial to dress for the job you want from head to toe. Although this is a video interview and you may only see the top half of your body, you might feel silly if you need to stand up and the employer sees your pajama pants. A video interview is STILL an interview regardless of if it is face to face or through a streamline, be professional!

Contact Information

When starting a video interview, it is important to exchange contact information for the purpose of getting disconnected with the employer. This will allow for you to be prepared if the video is to fail due to poor connection. If that is to happen, it is important to contact the employer immediately after to continue the interview over the phone and shows your sense of urgency to complete the interview in a timely manner for the employer’s convenience.

Body Language

Key factors in a video interview is your body language! Maintain constant eye contact, good posture and stay engaged! This will let the employer sense your interest level in the role and the professionalism in a potential workplace.


Be prepared and have a notebook, pen and copy of your resume with you to go along with the employer throughout the interview. When communicating back and forth, listen to what he/she has to say and pause to make sure there is not a delay in the video. Speaking at a medium pace will help for the employer to be able to understand you clearly in the case that there is delays.

Video interviewing is up and coming and is a useful platform that allows convenience for both parties involved. Be prepared and guide yourself to success by using these helpful tools!

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