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Think Smart About Your Resume!

Are you a recent college grad? Looking for a career change? It all starts with your resume and the content that tells a story about YOU. The key factors in a resume come from your education, experience and achievements. That’s the easy part! The hard part of writing a resume is what goes where, how to word the content and how to make yourself stand out to a future employer.

A company releases a job and right away applicants resumes start flowing into the inboxes of Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, etc. How do you make your resume attract attention? Do your research and use the resources given to you through articles, blogs and career tool-kits! But since you are here.. let’s go over the three key components of a resume…

Formatting and Content
1. Make sure you have a true header
2. The length of your resume is appropriate
3. A summary of YOU!

Professional Experience
1. Name, title and dates at each company
2. Including your experience up to 20 years back
3. Key responsibilities at each position

1. Education
2. Extra-Curricular activities
3. GPA

The three main components of your resume is what will help you SHINE. Follow the LINK to read more about the Key Components of building a Resume!

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